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Psp Vintage Warmer 2 74

PSP's vintage warmer has been around a long time and is one of the first analog saturation plugins I can think of... it still holds up. Adds generic saturation and tone shaping. You don' need to understand what all the knobs do, generally a little fiddling will produce what you need. Excellent for gluing busses without a compressor but the compressor is really nice and pretty unique sounding whether you're just tickling or slamming.

Psp Vintage Warmer 2 74


I have only recently discovered Vintagewarmer, and my understanding is that it is a bit overused, but that's obviously for a reason, because it sounds amazing! A very unique compressor/saturation tool which seems quite versatile and useful for both production or mastering. I also really appreciate that it comes with Microwarmer to eat less CPU when deployed on individual tracks. Also managed to get this bundled with a free PSP E27 EQ! =)

everyone was blown way by vintage warmer when it came out or when they first tried it... don't worry, it'll get less and less appealing, especially as a master bus effect. If you're mix is really kickin' already, particularly bass and drums, then the vintage warmer isn't going to make it sound better, just different.

Universal Audio Plate 140: "While convolution is great for realism and you can create some wonderful effects, you sometimes need a certain vintage sound that convolution reverbs can't deliver. The UAD Plate 140 plug-in models an EMT 140 plate reverb and is simply the best-sounding software reverb I've heard. The only down side is that I needed to buy additional UAD1 cards to support enough instances of it for a large mix!" Matt Houghton 350c69d7ab


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