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Buy A Waffle House Franchise

When Joe Rogers, Sr. bought a house from Tom Forkner in Avondale Estates, GA., in 1949, neither one knew where that relationship would take them. It's the mid 1950's. Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner were neighbors-Joe working for a national restaurant chain, the Toddle House, and Tom in the local real estate business. Since employee ownership was not available with the Toddle House, the idea of starting a business they could own and share some ownership with other seemed like a good idea. Joe and Tom wanted to create a restaurant focused on people-both the associates and customers-while serving quality food at a great value. On Labor Day 1955, their dream became a reality-and an icon was born-when the first Waffle House restaurant opened its doors for business in Avondale Estates, an Atlanta suburb. After Unit 1 opened there were no plans for another Unit, but the first restaurant established the Waffle House tradition of providing the friendliest service in town. Customer loyalty developed and the business grew steadily. A couple of years (1957) Unit 2 was acquired and by 1961, there were four small restaurants. In 1961, Joe left Toddle House and went to work full-time at Waffle House

buy a waffle house franchise

The franchise opportunities listed above are not related to or endorsed by or Franchise Update Media Group. We are not engaged in, supporting, or endorsing any specific franchise, business opportunity, company or individual. No statement in this site is to be construed as a recommendation. We encourage prospective franchise buyers to perform extensive due diligence when considering a franchise opportunity.

Being a Waffle House franchisee has numerous benefits. Firstly, you get to benefit from the well-known brand name and loyal customer base that Waffle House has established over its 65 years of operation.

Additionally, the Waffle House system and procedures are designed to be easy to learn and follow, allowing franchisees to quickly become familiar with them. With all these benefits, owning a Waffle House franchise can be an extremely rewarding experience.

What sets Waffle House franchises apart is that the corporate team is there for you every step of the way. Not to mention, fellow franchisees are always happy to share their expertise and lend a helping hand.

This program covers the cost of certain business expenses, like initial franchise fees, equipment costs, and more. With the help of Waffle House, you can be sure that you have everything you need to open up a successful restaurant and become a thriving franchisee.

It is not overly difficult to become a Waffle House franchisee, but it does require time, effort and resources. You are required to have previous restaurant management experience but the systems and procedures are fairly easy to learn.

The Franchise Transparency Project is a revolving all-volunteer board of franchisors, franchisees, and allied parties in the franchise industry who provide objective, experienced-based information on the nature of franchising.

Do you want to start a restaurant business by buying Waffle House franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Waffle House franchise. Waffle House, as the name implies, is a restaurant that sells waffles and other breakfast offerings. Headquartered in Georgia, Atlanta, the company started its business in the year 1955 offering unbeatable mixtures of good food coupled with extra-ordinary services to the teeming public.

With their loft qualities, you may be tempted to inquire on how you can own a Waffle House franchise. Yes, they used to, but what Waffle House does at the moment is to put into plans an expansion strategy for previously existing and successful franchisees.

What this implies is that you can only get an additional franchise with Waffle House if you have an existing franchise with them, and your success in the business will be seriously considered before you are given the license to expand.

The reason for this according to Thornton is that the Waffle House business is dedicated to be more consistent at all their locations across the country. For now, Waffle House is on only for existing franchises not for new ones. So you cannot get a Waffle house franchise for now.

It has to be understood that Waffle House is quite stringent with it franchise disclosures because they are not being given out to the public, for now. But that notwithstanding, there are indeed existent procedures for opening a Waffle House franchise.

You also have to know that the eventual cost of opening a Waffle House franchise will depend on your location. Highly populated or dense areas might have much cost implication, especially in the buying or leasing or real estate in that area.

You equally need to consider your capital at hand. Waffle House is a large conglomerate with good pedigree. You have to understand that you would have to part with a good amount of money if you want to franchise with them. So, you need to make provisions for this in advance.

This although deter most prospects from dealing with them, but they just want to maintain their standard in the restaurant chain business and so you need to be very thorough before you approach the company. But know that you will get No as an answer if you contact them for a franchise now, if you are not part of the company, that is.

But if there's no electricity, don't expect to order waffles as the griddle won't be able to operate. Rest assured, food that can be grilled such as eggs, burgers, and hash browns are still on the no-power menu.

The 43-year-old Waffle House at Brainerd and Moore roads was closed earlier this month and will soon be demolished and replaced with a new and more modern eatery. Southern Legacy Waffles, the Alpharetta, Georgia-based Waffle House franchisee, plans to build a new 30-seat Waffle House that will feature a new separated walk-up window for take-out orders.

The demolition and replacement of the Brainerd Waffle House will be similar to what the Waffle House franchisee has done during the past couple of years at its units in Lookout Valley and on Shallowford Road. Gower said once the Brainerd unit is replaced, the local Waffle House franchisee plans to begin similar demolition and replacement of the Waffle House on 23rd Street.

According to their website, Waffle House is open 24/7, 365 days a year. In fact, Christmas Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the franchise. On the December 25th holiday, Waffle House execs step in and take orders and cook next to employees. Regulars will often act as greeters, and whole families come in to see their favorite servers. Waffle House during the holidays is one big family.

Waffle House was established in 1955 and has over 60 years of waffle-making expertise. The national brand was launched by two neighbours in Atlanta, Georgia. They were Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner. When they met, Rogers was employed by a 24/7 national restaurant chain, Toddle House, and Forkner worked in real estate.

2. The sexual harassers: STEVE WRIGHT and STEVE OSWALD, the first two Waffle House executives who sexually harassed Therese Scribner, are both liars indeed, OSWALD is one of the two worst liars that has ever testified before this Court.[28] Both WRIGHT and OSWALD knowingly gave false testimony during their depositions; they reluctantly admitted some of these lies at trial, but they told new falsehoods and repeated some of their deposition lies. TIM MERCER, who also sexually harassed Therese Scribner, was the second of the two worst liars who have ever appeared before this Court (along with OSWALD). Indeed, as discussed below, MERCER was "rewarded" with the bribe of a Waffle House franchise restaurant in Colorado for his perjured deposition testimony. TIM MERCER's testimony, and that of his wife, SHERRY MERCER, are discredited almost entirely by this Court.[29]

At the time of trial, Waffle House owned and operated some 465 restaurants in five marketing areas: Metro East (eastern Georgia), Metro West (western Georgia), the Eastern Area (North and South Carolina), the Gulf Coast Area (some of the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico), and the Western Area (Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and parts of Louisiana). In addition to its own restaurants, Waffle House also had about 470 "franchise restaurants" in its five marketing areas and elsewhere.[36]

Before his deposition in this case was taken on February 17, 1994, Tim Mercer was contacted by Area Manager Larry Cannon (who had been the plaintiff's supervisor for a few weeks in the fall of 1989). Cannon discussed with Tim Mercer the possibility of Mercer becoming the "Managing Partner" of a Waffle House "franchise restaurant" in Colorado. Although there "were no promises" (according to Tim Mercer), Cannon told Mercer that he would "have an opportunity for the franchise store" in Colorado "if you continue to do a good job."

The credible trial evidence established that Tim Mercer told these lies at his deposition, just as Larry Cannon (and Waffle House) wanted. As a result, even though Mercer was at the very best a marginal employee, he and his wife were rewarded with a franchise restaurant of their own in Colorado.[94]

Although most of these liars were executives, supervisors or employees of Waffle House, not a single one of them ever told Therese Scribner that her conduct was not appropriate and not a one reported this supposed misconduct to higher management. And, it was apparent to the Court, that some of these witnesses were lying either to protect their jobs (or those of their husbands), or like Tim Mercer to obtain benefits (a franchise restaurant) from Waffle House.[134] Accordingly, the Court discredits the testimony of these Waffle House witnesses.

There was not just one Waffle House supervisor that sexually harassed Therese: there were several officers, executives and supervisors, including Steve Wright, Steve Oswald, Tim Mercer, and others. These were not lower level Waffle House supervisors: when the harassment took place, Wright was a Vice-President and Oswald was an Assistant Vice-President and Regional Manager, Tim Mercer was a Division Manager. Despite their harassment of the plaintiff, Steve Wright was promoted and is now a Senior Vice-President in Atlanta, Steve Oswald also received promotions, and Tim Mercer (instead of being fired for incompetency) received the reward of a Waffle House franchise restaurant in Colorado. 041b061a72


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