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A Brief History Of The Future Jacques Attali Pdf Download

Here now is the history of these orders and the manner of their birth and decline. From this account, extrapolating from facts seemingly trivial and insignificant, we will be able to identify the laws of history. It is essential that we understand these laws, for they will still be at work in the future and will enable us to predict its course.

a brief history of the future jacques attali pdf download

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His work reveals a distinct vision of history and its successive stages, which are simultaneously ideological, technological and geopolitical. Furthermore, his work entails depicting the slow transformation of humanity into an artifact in which man becomes an object to escape death, and the geopolitical evolution toward chaos that accompanies such transformation; meanwhile, man is also waiting for an awakening leading to a new global governance, a sanctification of the essential makeup of mankind, taking into account the interest of future generations, and not letting prostheses invade it.

Since his earliest books, Attali foresaw and announced signals of the future, albeit weak at the time, that later came true: In La parole et l'outil (1976), he announced and described the shift from an energy-based society to an information-based society. In Bruits, in 1977, he announced what would later be the internet, YouTube, and the importance of musical practice; in La nouvelle économie française, in 1978, he discussed the coming emergence of the personal computer, hyper-surveillance and self-surveillance. In Les trois mondes, in 1980, he announced the shift of the centre of power around the Pacific. In L'ordre Cannibale, in 1980, he announced the advent of a prosthetic society, now known as transhumanism. In Histoires du temps, he announced the rapid pace of history and the growing immediacy of relationships. In Amours, he announced the emergence of poly-romantic relationships. In Au propre et au figuré, he announced the break-up of property and its use, and subsequently he invented the concept of the "nomadic object." In Lignes d'horizons, in 1990, he predicted the relative decline of US power. In Brève histoire de l'avenir, he announced a corporate power grab by health data and insurance companies. In L'homme nomade, he described the great movement of populations whose sedentary life was only a temporary stage.

What will planet Earth be like in 20 years? At mid-century? In the year 2100? Prescient and convincing, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Never has the world offered more promise for the future and been more fraught with dangers. In this powerful and sometimes terrifying work, Attali analyzes the past and pinpoints nine distinct periods of human history, each with its world center of power and prestige, and predicts what the tenth will bring by the end of this century.

Jacques Attali, a French economist and former adviser to Francois Mitterand, lays out a chilling vision of our global future based on the paths taken by mankind throughout the course of history. In A Brief History of the Future, Attali argues that the progression toward individual freedoms has meant a greater focus on economic concerns rather than theological or militaristic ones which, in Attali's view, will lead to a dismantling of the nation-state. Alan Robertson has a gravelly voice that oddly manages to be soothing as well as unsettling as he details Attali's provocative vision of the impending world.

What will the world be like in 20 years, fifty years, a hundred? A highly accessible and grimly fascinating analysis of what the future may hold, given the current state of the world. 'A powerful analysis . intelligently presented by an admirably well-informed and perceptive author.' - ForesightIn the tradition of the now-classic Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, world-renowned economist and political adviser Jacques Attali predicts how our world will look in the coming decades and a century from now. Will terrorists, pirates, dictators, droughts, and floods create global chaos? Or will peace, prosperity, and greater freedom bless the planet?Never has the world offered more promise for the future yet been more fraught with potential dangers. How we respond to the crises and opportunities that await us will determine what kind of world we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren.The time to act is now.'Attali is one of the very few global thinkers who has consistently gotten it right. Well over twenty years ago he foresaw the rise of Asia and the advent of 'nomadic technologies' such as the cell phones and iPods we now use everyday. More recently he predicted the financial collapse in America long before it actually happened. Attali has unerringly grasped the arc and logic of unfolding history.' - Nathan Gardels, editor in chief, New Perspectives Quarterly and editor in chief, Global Services, Los Angeles Times'This work is absolutely essential for understanding the threats and promises of the decades to come. Indispensible for those who want to give meaning to their actions.' - Pascal Lamy, director general, World Trade Organization'This book distills in a provocative and entertaining way the visions about our future of one of the world's most stimulating thinkers. Jacques Attali offers readers a unique perspective about where we are and were we are heading. It should be obligatory reading for any reader eager to think imaginatively about the future.' - Moisis Namm, editor in chief, Foreign Policy

We should urgently remind ourselves that history is tragic; that it obeys laws that can be grasped, that many events over the next five years will be part of these trends, will threaten the standard of living, the well-being and the public freedoms in democratic States; and that, in order to confront them, we will have to choose leaders who are aware of this reading of history and of the importance of constant cooperation between all those who will be seated, for some time, in Europe, in the cockpit of the plane flying us towards our future. 350c69d7ab


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