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Power Drill Massacre Free 2021 Download

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2 people had a car accident on their way through the desert. Megan gets away only with a terrible headache, while Jeff is trapped in car covered in blood. Only with minor injures, Megan walks away from the crash scene in search for help. This feels a lot like the old horror movies from the 80s and 90s, something in the style of 'The Hills Have Eyes' series. Actually it is a remake of Minotaur. Btw, there's no way to skip the intro. When the conversation starts, keep pressing the enter key to go through it. The poor girl doesn't know that the worst is yet to come. Unfortunately, the accident took place not far from where a maniac with a power drill lives. Guess what he uses the drill for.

Anyway, a very promising game. During the installation it pops up the warning message which reads that you must be 18 or over because the game contains scary scenes and whatnot ... Ok, kind of message we were hoping to, and I hope it will live up to its name: because 'drill' and 'massacre' are two words that combine extremely well in almost any kind of horror, especially the games. So, if I don't see a guy holding a power drill in his hands any time soon, jumping out of the bushes and drilling holes in innocent teenage passers-by's heads, I would be very disappointed.

Installation is straightforward. After the download, there's a single installation executable, which when started, leads you through a series of 'next, next, next...' dialogs. Game is powered by Unity, btw.

Power Drill Massacre is a remake of a survival horror game, Minotaur, that was published just three years earlier. Developed on Unity engine, the game is set in 1987 when Megan and Jeff, her boyfriend, get in a devastating crash. Jeff is unable to move and Megan decides to seek help and stumbles on an abandoned factory, which turns out not to be so abandoned since the crazed killer wielding a power drill is also there.

After several years for having my games out there for free, I've decided to start charging for Babysitter Bloodbath and the early access version of Power Drill Massacre on to help fund current projects. I don't want you guys to lose access to them. Luckily has Patreon integration now. Just follow these links if you need to download them.

Control a young girl Megan who tries to survive with a group of other teenagers in an old and abandoned building. Explore the dark house, solve multiple puzzles, and search for your way out while avoiding meeting the maniac with a power drill that lives in the very same place.

Power Drill Massacre is a throwback to PS1 survival horror, 80's slasher flicks, and the golden age of VHS home video. A hiking trip turns into a night of terror as a group of teens take refuge inside of an abandoned mansion in the woods. Too bad it's home to a maniac with a power drill. 1e1e36bf2d


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