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I have an interesting project involving creating content for my website. I need quality images that reflect the beauty and diversity of our world. Specifically, I need photos of people from different ethnic groups to convey the idea of inclusiveness. Maybe someone has experience with selecting such photos? Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated!

Aya Ch
Aya Ch
Aug 18, 2023

Hi, I think I have a good idea for your project. I can suggest you to pay attention to some stock photo banks. There you can often find great images that fit your theme. I recommend paying attention to african american images . This will help you convey the message of harmony and understanding to your audience. I often use stock photo banks such as Depositphotos. They offer a wide variety of images of different styles and scenarios. Don't forget to check their usage and licensing policies to make sure your photos are legitimate. Good luck with your project!



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