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Trutops Laser V70 Crack

TruTops Laser V70: A Powerful Software for Laser Cutting and Welding

Laser cutting and welding are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, construction, sheet metal processing, and medical technology. However, these processes require high precision, efficiency, and flexibility, which can be challenging to achieve with conventional software. That's why TRUMPF, a leading manufacturer of laser machines and systems, has developed TruTops Laser V70, a software solution that can boost your performance at the touch of a button.

What is TruTops Laser V70?

TruTops Laser V70 is a software module that belongs to the TruTops Boost software suite, which can be used for the 2D/3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch laser and bending machines. TruTops Laser V70 is specifically designed for laser cutting and welding applications, and it can automatically calculate the optimal laser parameters and programs for your machines. It works with all CAD geometry and supports various laser technologies, such as disk lasers, fiber lasers, diode lasers, and short and ultrashort pulse lasers.

Trutops Laser V70 Crack

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What are the benefits of TruTops Laser V70?

TruTops Laser V70 can help you achieve faster, easier, and more reliable laser cutting and welding results. Some of the benefits are:

  • Boosting: With the boosting function, you can automatically optimize your laser programs with just one click. TruTops Laser V70 will analyze your geometry and select the best cutting or welding strategy, such as nesting, sequencing, lead-in/out positions, cutting direction, speed, power, gas pressure, etc. You can also customize your own boosting rules to suit your preferences and requirements.

  • Marking: With the marking function, you can easily add text, logos, barcodes, QR codes, or other information to your parts. TruTops Laser V70 will automatically generate the marking programs based on your specifications. You can also use the TruTops Mark 3D module to mark complex 3D shapes with high accuracy and quality.

  • Simulation: With the simulation function, you can preview your laser programs before sending them to your machines. You can check the cutting or welding paths, cycle times, collisions, material usage, etc. You can also use the virtual machine function to simulate the real behavior of your machines.

  • Integration: TruTops Laser V70 is fully integrated with the TruTops Boost software suite, which means you can use it with other modules such as TruTops Cell for robotic welding applications or TruTops Tube for tube cutting applications. You can also import and export data from other CAD/CAM systems or ERP systems.

How to get started with TruTops Laser V70?

If you are interested in using TruTops Laser V70 for your laser cutting and welding applications, you can contact TRUMPF to request a demo or a quote. You can also watch this online seminar to learn more about the features and functions of TruTops Laser V70.


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