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Download [PATCHED] Origin Thin Setup Exe

The Origin installer uses your internet connection to download its setup files for installation. If your computer doesn't have a working internet connection, the installer won't be able to download the required files. It will produce the 20:2 error and won't install unless you reconnect to the internet.

Download Origin Thin Setup exe

Download Zip:

Antivirus programs can interfere with the Origin app's installation when it tries to download its setup files. If you use a third-party antivirus like Avast, disable it until the next reboot. You need to go to the system tray icon and disable it. Windows Defender users need to do a bit extra effort to disable it.

The installer available on the Origin site requires an internet connection to download more files. But there is a non-thin client version of the Origin installer also available. It is bigger in file size, but it doesn't need to download extra files as a result. Some Origin users say that while installing the non-thin Origin client, they didn't run into the error code.

For setup, find the downloaded .exe file and double click/run it to install the software. After installation you can find a shortcut to start LaserGBRL. The window that launches should look like this:

This represents your start point/origin for your project. The way that LaserGRBL works is that wherever your laser is when you load you file, that becomes the start point/origin. In this case, the laser will engrave within an approximately 30 mm wide by 50 mm tall rectangle, with the bottom left corner of the rectangle being that start point/origin. 041b061a72


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