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One Piece Episode 957

One Piece fans are agreeing that Episode 957 of the series is beyond movie quality! The anime premiered its first new episode of 2021, but rather than jump right into the third act of the Wano Country arc the series instead gave fans an update as to how the rest of the world is faring while Luffy and the others are in the cut off country. Detailing some of the major shake ups for the world after the Reverie mini-arc before the events of Wano Country, some major things have gone down since Luffy had started fighting Kaido's forces.

One Piece Episode 957

But while there were some massive implications for what the New World will look like once Luffy and the Straw Hats are done with their work in the Wano Country, what really took fans by surprise was episode director Megumi Ishitani's take on the series. Taking what was essentially an episode of exposition, the anime surprised fans with its sublime quality.

Not only playing around with lighting techniques, the episode shifted the composition of how many of the scenes were put together when re-introducing some of the biggest characters and moments throughout the series thus far. Fans absolutely loved what they saw as a result, and you can read on to see what they are saying below.

What did you think of One Piece's newest episode? Excited to see how the series could possibly follow this up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

Before word of Kaido and Big Mom's alliance goes too far, though, they'll have to face the Straw Hats and their allies. If they can pull off the unthinkable and take down the two emperors, then the World Government will have an even bigger potential threat to the power balance in the form of the fan-favorite Straw Hat crew. As Admiral Issho said, there is no way to know of the consequences until after the balance has been upset, but already events are beginning to snowball. What's in store for the world is something only time and the next episode of One Piece will tell.

Really just full broadside of excellence right here. This episode is, scientifically speaking, amazing. It manages to adapt one of the most exciting chapters in the manga and somehow take it to the next level. In terms of plot and story content, we have developments which rock the status quo that had existed for decades in real time. In terms of fanservice and old favorites, we get a brief moment with many of the series' most iconic characters (the villains naturally). In terms of providing information, we understand the general movements of the rest of the world outside of the lengthy Wano arc.

If you are a freshly unfrozen homo sapien from the middle paleolithic who is struggling to adapt to a modern world beyond your mind's wildest imaginations - then, my soggy hairy friend, this episode is for you.

Every second of this episode oozes style and impact. Dutch angles and tense close-ups at the Reverie. Big News Morgans high octane punching an assassin. Movie-quality promos for each of the Seven Warlords. Buggy being a goof. Our blessed lady Alvida getting screen time. Kinetic movement and smooth animation and pure malicious villain energy and and and and and...

I know I sound like a shill but honestly this is everything to me. As a One Piece fan, the size and scope of the political environment and dynamic cast are the main draw. This episode has that in spades. The Toei team takes one of the most momentous chapters of one of the greatest manga of all time and dials it up to 11. I honestly feel like seeing this episode on its own would make anyone hyped for One Piece, and it has me wanting to relive the series all over again.

One Piece Episode 957 is not coming out this Sunday as the anime series is on a break for the New Year holidays. But the official trailer of the upcoming episode has been released. Fans who have read the manga chapters know that something epic will happen in the next episode for sure.

I bet you are looking forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming episodes. Fortunately, upcoming episode titles were recently leaked online, offering fans a glimpse of what to expect from the hit series.

The fans are very happy after seeing the top quality movie like animation in the preview of the next episode. In the promo, the fans saw Dragon is bothered as the Revolutionary army cannot reach Sabo. Some glimpses of the Blackbeard Pirates and Doflamingo when they learn that the Warlords system has been removed. In One Piece Episode 957, it is likely that the Marines will discuss the Rock Valley incident. Rocks D Xebec is also likely to be teased.

Along with all that, Big Mom, Shanks, Blackbeard, Gol D Roger, Whiteboard, and Kaido will also make their appearance in it. The title is also hinting about the incident that will affect all the Warlords. The fans will also witness some unexpected twists and turns in the first episode of the new year.

Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn't like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day. You can reach out to him at 041b061a72


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