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The dbus-daemon provides inter-process communication (IPC) services which bridge application-level objects in the user-space with system-level resources in the kernel. The dbus-daemon has three main responsibilities: listen a system bus, publish events or signals to system bus and automatically answer system bus requests. DBUS uses a system-wide bus called the SystemD DBus system bus. The dbus-daemon listens for systemD system bus events from other dbus-daemon processes, applications that send events or signals to dbus-daemon processes and system bus daemon. In a normal installation of DBUS, the dbus-daemon service only listens on the system bus. However, in an N-tree environment, it listens on all system buses. The dbus-daemon may also initiate events and signals.

Now Boarding 1.2.2 activation code

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The systemd log service is used to report various system events. When enabled, all local system logging events are written to the /var/log/messages file by the log service. The logging target of the message is the systemd-journald daemon which can be configured by using the journalctl program. The journalctl program takes command line arguments ( -x and -u) to provide additional information about the logging.


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