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Woven Wood Shades - Crafted with Care, Woven by Nature

Nature's influence in our homes brings a sense of warmth, tranquility, and timeless beauty. Woven wood shades, with their unique blend of style and sustainability, offer the perfect way to infuse your living spaces with the essence of the great outdoors. Crafted with care and woven by nature, these window treatments not only provide a connection to the environment but also add an inviting touch of elegance to your home. At More Than Blinds, we're dedicated to transforming your space into a haven of natural beauty. Let's dive into the world of woven wood shades and discover how you can bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

The Allure of Nature-Inspired Elegance: Woven wood shades are a celebration of natural materials and the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Whether you're looking to achieve a rustic, coastal, or bohemian aesthetic, these shades effortlessly complement a wide range of interior styles. The use of bamboo, reeds, jute, and other sustainable materials in their construction ensures an eco-friendly window treatment option that resonates with nature-inspired decor enthusiasts.

Filtered Sunlight and Connection to the Environment: One of the most captivating features of woven wood shades is their ability to filter sunlight in a way that creates a soft and inviting ambiance. These shades offer the perfect balance between allowing natural light to enter your home and maintaining your privacy. In addition, they provide a unique connection to the environment, offering a daily reminder of the beauty of the natural world.

More Than Blinds: Your Window Treatment Partner: More Than Blinds is your trusted partner in bringing the elegance and sustainability of woven wood shades into your home. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to offer a wide selection of window treatment brands, including Hunter Douglas, Graber, Norman, and Cigma. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your unique style and needs.

Request a Consultation: If you're ready to transform your living spaces with the natural beauty of woven wood shades, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Our team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal shades to enhance your home's aesthetics while embracing the environment.

Contact Information:

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  • Address: 2595 Atlanta Highway, Athens, GA 30606

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Woven wood shades are more than just window treatments; they are a tribute to the artistry of nature and human craftsmanship. They offer a beautiful way to invite the outdoors inside while maintaining style and sustainability. At More Than Blinds, we're passionate about helping you enhance your living spaces with the allure of woven wood shades. Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey to bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home.

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